Thursday, September 25, 2008

I should be in bed..

.. but instead I can't sleep. The girls are going for their hip ultrasound tomorrow. Apparently, twins are prone to hip issues, particularly breech twins (Margot) so we have to get them checked out. That's not keeping me awake though. Not sure what is. So I am just going to ramble for a minute and then make myself attempt sleep. 

You know what I find kinda funny that I feel like no one really tells you about babies..? It is just incredible to me how many times they poop on their clothes!!! I mean, I have heard mention of the occasional "blow out" but for goodness sakes.. I thought it was super rare or something. Maybe it's just my girls... maybe it's time to go up a size on the diapers but all I can say is thank heavens for baby stain getter outer stuff. I think I have washed my Boppy covers at least 4 times this week.. a drip here and leak there.. Goodness. I am pleased that they are eating so well .. I guess I just never knew that poo could just leak out of a diaper like that. Thank goodness it's breastmilk poo so there is not really an odor but still.. I never experienced this side of babies in all my years of baby sitting. 

Another thing I was surprised about, pleasantly this time, is how sweet their breath is. I am sure each mother thinks her baby's breath is sweet, but I suppose it never occurred to me that they would have such sweet breath. 

Sometimes it's hard for me to make myself put them down for a nap - crazy? Usually someone is fussier than the other (varies from day to day) so the least fussy one goes in the swing for a nap and I hold the other until they are sleepy enough to put down in the crib. It's so hard some days for me not to just hold and snuggle that little sleepy/sleeping bundle for the entire nap time. I think I have said all that before.. but again.. I suppose it bears repeating. 

Ok.. enough cheesy nonsense. I am ordering myself to bed. 


Tracy said...

You are soooo sweet! What a precious post. I completely understand the poo..the other thing was changing the crib sheets so much for leakage. Finally someone told me to layer the mattress with those waterproof pads that are almost as large as the mattress, and then with a sheet. Ya know, pad, sheet, pad, sheet etc. That way in the middle of the night if they wet, it was just pull off the sheet and pad and bravo, clean sheet waiting! And can you believe how many diapers twins go through?? Just wait, when they are potty trained, you'll get a big ole raise ha ha!
Love you guys..gonna call soon, I'm hoping to come towards the end of Oct..

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