Sunday, August 02, 2009


Last night we heard an unfamiliar noise in the back "yard". When I peaked through the blinds I was met with a pair of clearly amused eyes. I screamed and immediately realized that it was one of Stephen's students, and when he opened the door we found this. He and his lady friend had worked so hard on trying to do it without making a sound. We left it that way. Pretty impressive, right? Simply love that Stephen teaches high schoolers. 

The time has come to reintroduce spoons into our meal routine. I was surprised to see that they actually remembered the concept. They started dipping them into their bowls right away and putting them right into their mouths. I have been procrastinating with this next stage because of the extra messiness of it. Messiness, shmessiness! How adorable are they!?

On a more serious note, what would you do if you looked up from dinner preparations and saw your precious babies (at the other end of the room) chewing on broken glass? Well, I screamed "Oh my God! Please help us Lord!" and ran with Stephen to snatch them up. We grabbed the glass out of their hands and started digging in their little mouthes for shards. Margot's mouth was bleeding and she was trying to swallow a small piece. Thankfully she was the only one. They were screaming, we were white with panic - it was not pretty. TERRIFIED that they might have swallowed a piece, I called 911 and the EMS arrived within minutes.. along with the Fire Department. The EMS ladies took one quick glance at the girls and send the FD boys on their way. Margot had a miniscule cut on her lip, but that seemed to be the only damage done. They did a thorough exam and had them try to take a drink of something - which caused them no pain whatsoever indicating that they had not swallowed anything. We also closely examined the remains of the snow globe and did not find there to be any glass missing. The woman who was here was also a mom of a little girl the same age and she was extra cautious and told us a few things to be on the look out for and that we should call them back if we see any changes in behavior that worry us.  I have checked on them 4 times already since they went down tonight.  You must be asking yourself how in the world we could have let this happen? We have been asking ourselves the same thing. We felt horrible. We have both shed many tears tonight. The honest truth is that we were watching the girls play together with the remotes on the coffee table, something they do all the time, we looked away for a split second.. split second... and suddenly there was broken glass everywhere. I will never think harshly towards a parent who "looked away for a second" again. We are thanking God tonight for protecting our babies. It has been a long evening. 


Ellen said...

Ok, that sounds horrible. As well as horribly embarrassing. I'm so glad that everyone is ok.

I remember calling poison control after I realized that Seth was eating diaper rash cream out of the tube. It seemed like they got that kind of call all the time. =)But I remember that I was plenty scared about it.

jmbollman said...

SO glad to hear the girls (and mom and dad) are doing okay. It's times like this when I know angels are protecting our babies.

On a lighter note, I have an incredibly amusing story to tell you about a trip to the ER at 4am Saturday that involved us leaving within 7 minutes and Moriah going pee.

Christa said...

Dear Sweet Cous- Don't beat yourself up!!! We are only human....we end up looking away for a second. That's why we are so blessed to have a heavenly father looking after our babies. If you only knew the calls I have made to my dad (my medical "go to man") and all hours conserning the kids. By the way, did I tell you I had to call the peds doctor a few weeks ago because Sam ate pennies? Oh yes he did....3 year old pirate decided to eat his "loot"., it doesn't stop once they are out of the "putting everything in their mouth" stage. Love you

MrsGardner said...

Stephen and Sarah,

We praise the Lord with you that the girls are ok.

Hope to see you again soon!

L said...

What a stressful event! Hope you have recovered and so relieved to hear the girls are fine!

Michael Paul said...

That sounds awful. I had a frightening event with Gloria a few weeks ago when I turned my back for a second, and she tried to eat a piece of mulch. Very scary. Glad to hear the kiddos are ok, and that mom and pop are recovering, too. This is the kind of thing that I think happens to every parent, so don't beat yourself up over it too much.

Love to the four of you, and Ollie,

Nicole said...

Maybe that's the girls way of saying "we want to go to NYC mom and dad!"