Thursday, August 13, 2009


Anyone who has ever watched the girls eat their meals has commented on their footsie play. 

It never gets old. 

So close they like to touch while they munch their breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, now that we have reached the ripe old age of one, we are able to eat egg whites! So I have been getting over my aversion to scrambled eggs and have been preparing this for the girls breakfast for the past 4 mornings. So excited for them to get this little protein boost in the A.M. They, big surprise, love their eggy weggs. 

We are climbing everything in sight these days. Ada and Margot both can climbing the stairs, their red chair, onto the coffee table, into their stroller.. and many more. Think Ada wants to take a walk? Too bad it's raining out. 

So at one year, the girls weigh 19.1 lbs (Ada) and 19.4 lbs (Margot) which is the largest weight difference since their birth. They are 28 3/4" (Ada) and 28 1/2" (Margot) in length. I am not putting their percentiles up b/c I really don't pay attention to that stuff. Let's say they are on the low end of average for weight and the middle for height = normal healthy baby girls. 

They have been crawling on their knees for 2 months or so now. They are cruising around the furniture/walls and, as before stated, climbing onto/over everything. They love to "finger walk" and can do that with one hand. They can push their walking toys all around the house on their own. 

They are still eating very well but have recently started dropping food onto the floor and spitting things out. Their first food boycott was green beans, followed closely by peas. We have ignored these refusals and find that after a few minutes they will change their minds and start eating them anyway. They know how to use their bowls and spoons, however messy this process becomes.. we are thrilled that they understand the concept - dipping spoons into food and then putting it into their mouths. Can drink out of sippy cups (been doing that forever it seems) and from sippies that have straws. Can drink out of a glass if one of us is holding it. 

They both clap and wave..

They both use random objects as "phones" and will "talk" to each other from across the room. 

Language development is coming along as well. They have been saying Mama and Dada for awhile now but now they definitely relate these words to us. Other verbalizations include 

"dodo (with hand waving)" - All done
"gogo (Ada)" - Margot
"Ka" - Book
"Sss" - Shhh
"a-duh (Margot)" - Ada
"cuh-cai (Ada)" - Cupcake (this happened several times one day while Daddy was reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" to her and hasn't been repeated but I think it still counts)

Ada can point out the ball on a page of their Richard Scarry word book. Margot can point out the butterflies in "I am a Bunny" (We love Richard Scarry in this house). 

I really wish I could read to them more. I try so hard. I try giving them their blankies and sitting in the rocker with them - it lasts about 2 minutes before they are too wiggly to listen. I try just sitting on the floor and reading to them while they play.. not sure any of that is getting through. Am I the only one who has a hard time getting her twins to sit still to listen to a book? I drive myself crazy thinking that I am doing something wrong and hindering their speech development. They just seem to enjoy being physically active right now.... 

So they are probably doing more things that have slipped my mind at the moment but.. that is at least a rough run down on our skill set at one year :)


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how hard it is to let 2kids sit still and read books for them. I sometimes read books together with my nephews but they are 3 to 5 years old.
Often I heard that babies at 1 year old are very busy with things around them or even if they sit, they rip off with books.

But most of all, we(me and my hubby) are always talking that we can give our baby a bookful shelf like you!! hoping she/he will be a good firend with books.

Heather said...

Your daughters are so cute! I love their names too. Great footsie pictures.

Heather / 3 under 3

Anonymous said...

by the way, that "Anonymous" person is me, Chiaki.
I've been checking your blog sometimes
since i found this at Michelle and Jeremy's blog a long time ago.
Sorry, if i made you worry.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara & Stephen,
Sorry I am alittle late checking your blog. I aways get around to it though. I love this one! Brings so many memories to mind. I loved spending those special days with my kids. Staying home has it's perks. Thanks for sharing... I am back in the rat race working full time helping to pay for Corrie's college! Time flys..enjoy all the first with the girls. Take them all in and celebrate as God intended! Love you all! You two are wonderful parents your kids are so very lucky! Tracy told me the girls love the blankets. I am so glad let me know when they wear out I will replace them! Love you four...- Aunt Mindy

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