Thursday, August 06, 2009

One Year

Today our babies are one year old. So hard to believe. Here they are enjoying Daddy's special birthday blueberry waffles with banana. I think they ate 4 "wafs" altogether (shout out to Silas).

Then it was time for presents. I must apologize for the photo quality - hope to have better ones to add later today. Margot went straight for the musical instruments. 

Ada enjoying their new rocking moose. 

Ride 'em cowgirl. 

Here Margot is taking the special blocks that Daddy made for their birthday out of the sack. 

More photos to come. 

So hard to believe that one year ago today I was laying in a hospital bed with monitors on my tummy, listening to two steady little heartbeats and trying to steady my own. They were moving all around and seemed so cramped and uncomfortable. I could hardly breathe with anticipation. In a matter of hours, life as we knew it was going to change forever. 


MKD said...

Happy birthday!! Those blocks look awesome.

Anonymous said...

Happy one year olds- Ada and Margot. You are certainly everything your Mom and Dad wanted. My gift may be a little late as I just got back from the Lake cottage with Judy and family. Also I thought it was Aug 7th.
Lots of love to you all as you celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Laurie, John, Mark and David say Happy one-year Birthday! We'd call but thought the girls might be sleeping--unless they get to stay up til 7:30 on their birthday...Love to all.

Wendy's World said...

Yay! Happy birthday girls! They look to be having a wonderful time and those waffles look YUMMY :-)