Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The big 1-7

Man, yesterday was a big day. It was the first day back to school for Stephen. It was the day that Uncle John and Aunt Mariel flew out for their big European trip. It was the day my uncle had a very serious surgery (which I won't elaborate on since my cousin hasn't elaborated on her own blog - I am trying to respect their privacy but suffice it to say that prayers are still much needed and appreciated in this situation). There were lots of prayers swirling around in our house yesterday. Looking forward to hearing how J&M are enjoying their trip. Looking forward to a clean bill of health for my uncle. Looking forward to next summer when school is out again - just kidding.. sort of.

I have been getting lost in the blog worm holes lately - this is what I call it when you click on one blog and then from there to another and then another and so on... soon you aren't sure how you got there or how to get back to where you originated. I normally don't do this because I find it frustrating. However, this most recent bit of exploration yielded an exciting find. I found a huge network of multiple mamas with blogs. I don't just mean twin mamas either! I mean twins, triplets, quads.. and even families with multiple sets of multiples. Reading their entries gave me ideas that I not thought of (like this ingenious way to grocery shop with twins!) but also re-ignited a fire that I have apparently been stifling. A great day of these mamas are the dress your twins alike sort of twin mamas - which have been adamantly against since the girls were born. Even going so far as to apologize to folks when I have dressed them alike (twice in their lives). Well suddenly, looking at all these adorable pictures of twin girls dressed alike I felt ..well.. a little jealous to be honest. I have been so focused on making sure we treated the girls like two individuals I think I have been missing out a little bit on what has always been the most exciting aspect of my girls.. THEY ARE IDENTICAL TWINS!!!!! I remember being SO excited when I found out I was having twins - just ecstatic. I kept it under wraps a bit because I didn't want to hear any nay-sayers telling me how hard it was going to be. I am STILL ecstatic that I have twins. I am not saying that I suddenly want to dress them alike every day but I am saying that I might start dressing them alike when I feel like it - and no apologies. I mean, I can tell them apart and that is all that really matters right? After all I have TWINS! I have wanted to have twins ever since Christa and I used to dress alike and pretend to be twins when we were little (a la The Parent Trap of course). Their twinness melts my heart every day. I see them chasing eachother around the coffee table, playing peekaboo with each other, "talking" to each other from accross the room on their "phones" - and I melt. I think about their little hearts being knit together for life. How they cry when the other is in distress (diaper rash :( ), how they offer eachother their pacies to soothe these moments. How there are times when I feel completely on the outside of whatever is going on between them and how safe that makes me feel. How I know they will always have eachother. I still feel very strongly that need I felt to encourage them in their individuality. But I think you might start seeing some changes on this blog soon. Just sayin'.


Summer said...

Congratulations on the girls turning one! That's a big accomplishment! They look like so much fun. I wish we could get our girls together for a play date. Maybe someday, huh?

David and I got to see a little bit of NYC during our trip, and I thought about you everywhere we went--it made me smile to think of you walking along in your pea coat, listening to your iPod.


Wendy's World said...

I hope everyone has adjusted to the restart of school. My kids go year round, so not a lot of adjusting to do.
I have had your uncle in my prayers. I hope he is recovering well at this point. Please update when you can.