Thursday, August 06, 2009

Birthday Cake

Stephen is the birthday cake chef in our home. He has made me a different birthday cake for each birthday we have been together. For the girl's first he made this beautiful and DELICIOUS Strawberry layer cake with petal pink cream cheese frosting. 

Margot was a huge fan.

She tried to put the whole thing in her mouth at once. 

Ada was  a bit more timid but did seem to enjoy her first taste of cake. 

It was soon clear that Ada was not into the whole cake thing. Notice that Margot's cake is gone (I took half away myself - didn't want her to get a stomach ache) and that Ada still has all her cake on her tray. She was not really into the whole sweets thing. 

So I held Ms. Sticky-Fussy Pants instead. 

We cheered Margot on and she smeared icing on her face and tummy. 

Then she decided to share some her first birthday cake with her Ollie. 

This was loads of fun for all involved. Puppy kisses tickled her fingers. 

All in all it seems that Margot likes sweet stuff and Ada was definitely more into the burger she had for dinner. 


Ellen said...

You need to frame the last picture and put it on the wall. I'm serious. That is just. perfect.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ellen, they were all cute but that one takes the cake!
Thanks so much for sharing their big day with us.

L said...

Sarah, they are too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the big party with all of us. I almost feel like I was there-laughing and giggling with all of you. Love, G-grandma