Saturday, August 08, 2009

Happy Birthday ...take two

We had a birthday party for the girls today. We invited their little friends from the area to come and hang out and eat pink frosted cupcakes that daddy made. 

For awhile it was just our buddy Zach ( who made the awesome "Happy Birthday" sign in the above picture) and Aunt Ellen and baby Evan. That was just fine with Ada and Margot, who were excited to sport their birthday party outfits, complete with monograms. 

We hung streamers and set out snacks, and soon our other friends began to arrive. Our buddies the Jacksons came over with their twin cuties. We missed Seth and Ben so much (they were home sick) but we will see them again soon. There was only one little friend in attendance who could move around and play with the girls..

.. this is our friend Josie. 

Josie says "Please stop taking our picture so I can show Margot how to ride this here Moose."

Margot wonders "Can we both ride at once?"

Josie says "Maybe if I ride on his nose?"

Enter Ada. "What is going on here? I know a game we can all play together!"

"We call it 'dada Glad Ware telephone' and we can you show you how! See I talk into this bowl and Margot puts her ear to another one and she can hear me! Dadadadada... wanna play? Grab a bowl!"

Who needs cupcakes :)


MrsGardner said...

UGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sad that we had to miss the girls party today - they look like they had a great time . . . complete with a tupperware game : ) Their outfits are precious. Can't wait to see you all soon.

The Gardners

Sherry said...

You are so creative with your comments! Too cute!! It looks like they had a great birthday party!