Tuesday, February 02, 2010

And again...

It is apparently much more fun to drink from a sippy cup when you can do so seated in a grown up chair at the grown up table. This is how I find both Ada and Margot multiple times throughout the day. At first, I tried to discourage them climbing into these rather slippery chairs. But their balance is actually really good and they have each fallen at least once with no injuries and no tears so.. I think they are big enough to hang out there from time to time. With proper parental supervision of course.

Randomly, Stephen and I just realized the other day that we have been telling folks that they are 18 months old, when in fact they won't be 18 months until March! Not sure how we managed to make that error. I never was that good at calculus.

Stephen is home for the second snow day from school. This is one of the bonuses to living in the south. When it snows, the world shuts down. Good thing we had plenty of bread and milk on hand when the mighty blizzard hit.


J. said...

haha mighty blizzard...yep

Anonymous said...

Gotta love da down time! Grampa