Sunday, February 07, 2010

Bag ladies

Nana and Papa came today for lunch and they brought lots of goodies with them. Some of those goodies were contained in this pink bag. The girls were obsessed with wearing it on their heads, calling it a "Hah(t)".

So a smart Daddy cut a hole in the side so they could see a little better. Here Ada is donning her very fashion forward gift bag hat.

Margot's turn.

Apparently, Margot was even eating her bagel through the little window.

Though it looks like she could, at any moment, run headlong into a wall.. thanks to Daddy innovation she can actually see where she is headed.

I am already tired of being tired. I feel like a slug. All I do on the weekends is sleep. Stephen offers to watch the girls on his own and I race upstairs and shut myself in the bedroom to pass out for a few hours.. which by the way.. doesn't always help as much as I think it should. Sigh. Oh well. These are the prices we pay for more tiny giggles, am I right? Mom asked us today if we had started thinking about names.. I had almost forgotten about that. We get to choose another name. That is so much fun. We will, of course, be keeping it a secret until the baby arrives. So much more fun that way isn't it? We think so too.

Church was really packed today. This got me all pumped up. I was just so excited that so many other people where there with me at the service. It's nice to feel like part of a community and be excited when there are so many people there you can hardly walk. I love that.

I know it's the Super Bowl.. but we aren't feeling it tonight. We have watched it before and I guess we should be at least watching for the commercials but.. ugh. What I could really use now is a nice long soak in a hot tub and about 30 minutes in a sauna. I am freezing! Can't get warm lately.

I do realize that I didn't even make it through one month of posting every day.. but then .. there are now extenuating circumstances and it was never a promise or anything so.. just making sure you know that I don't feel any guilt or obligation there. Sure you neither thought about it or care to think about it. Don't blame you. The point is I am not being hard on myself about not being able to post every day and I am proud of me for that.

Blah blah blah.. this is boring. The end.


Anonymous said...

You boring, NEVER! I love every word. What a fun Sunday. Loved the bag heads! Mary

Tracy said...

But since you said you were going to try and blog every day, Aunt Tracy checks every day ha ha! Love the bag pictures. Sorry you are sooo tired, that will pass. Hang in there, remember, it's the Lords way of preparing you for that or "those" new baby or babies..ha ha! Missing my babies and wishing I could hug on them and tickle them and hear their laughter...maybe soon.... love you guys! The FAV Aunt!