Friday, April 16, 2010

Breakfast Genius

Stephen is a breakfast genius. For the last six months at least, he has been making oatmeal for the girls for breakfast several times a week. Oatmeal is so healthy. But we found it a bit hard to get the girls to eat it. So he came up with the above, genius solution.

Once the oatmeal has been cooked (he adds dried fruit to it instead of sugar), he pours it onto a plate and sort of smooshes it into a big oatmeal cookie. Once it has cooled you can cut into slices like a pie and this makes it easier for the girls to handle.

They devour it each and every time.

On another note, Margot only has a 99.4 temp this morning and seems to be feeling much better. Crossing fingers that it stays that way.


Mariel said...

very clever! Oatmeal pizza pie- It looks yummy too

SMS said...

also it is important to add 3 Table spoons of milk at the end. when the oatmeal cools the milk helps it congeal.

jennamarie said...

fabulous idea! i think our kids could get accustomed to eating "pie" for breakfast. :)