Thursday, April 29, 2010


So as you can see I had a very productive morning. Four down three to go. This time I fried up some extra apples and made a big batch of quinoa too. It's a little easier to make a salad with the quinoa if it's already ready already. Ha.

Now for the ranting portion of this post, which I will call "Really!?".. here we go..

Really BCBS REALLY?!?! After two years of covering my Zomig prescription you suddenly need authorization from my doctor.. really? Did you really send me a letter saying that I should try all the other migraine medications before I continue to take Zomig... did you really do that? Did you really tell me, self righteous A-HOLES, that Imitrex is an alternative to Zomig.. really? Oh I didn't realize that... when I took it years ago and it A) made me throw up and B) didn't help my head.. I was sure I told the doctor that it didn't work and he said there were other things we could try.. like Axert.. yeah Axert.. that worked for awhile.. you are right that could have been an alternative to Zomig. But then it stopped working. Were you there that day when I threw up in the subway because Axert couldn't get rid of the pain ? Oh that's right.. you were in your offices drafting b***s*** letters. Would you like a list of all the medications I have tried .. the ones that have worked.. then failed.. or failed right off the bat? Let me see if I can even remember all of them.. Fioricet, Fiorinal, Phrenalin, Midrin, Imitrex, Effexor, Thorazine, Flexeril, Maxalt, Relpax, Axert.. and Zomig. Want me to try them all again to see if they work.. ? Want to know how they made me feel? Have you ever even had a migraine? Ever.. ? No? Oh ok.. so I guess you don't understand what it's like to actually find something that works.. something that makes you NOT want to smash your head to bits after you have had a migraine every frickin' day for a month.. guess you don't understand that. So you say call my doctor.. get them to fill out a form and tell you how I have tried so many other things and this is all that works.. Ok.. I'll do that. Hold please.

Hi, Dr. X. Oh you are familiar with this request.. every insurance company has been having you guys fill out these forms? What a drag. What's that you say? You can't fill it out and send it in because it's been over a year since you wrote the Rx ? But you know I have migraines.. you know it still works for me, right? That doesn't matter to you Dr. X.. really it doesn't? You don't have my history of migraines.. ? OH .. MY BAD.. I didn't realize that you didn't have my full history since my HISTORY is SPREAD OUT ACROSS 4 STATES AND AT LEAST 8 DIFFERENT DOCTORS. So what now Dr. X ? Go find a primary care you say? Oh ok.. that should be easy.. I'll just take my 19 month old twins with me to the office and wait in the waiting room with them until I finally get seen blah bitty blah blah blah.... all so I can tell yet another doctor my history.. hopefully convince them that yes in-frickin-deed.. the only drug for me is Zomig.. and then go through all this again when my buddies at BCBS reject it again.. awesome. Thanks alot Dr. X for sending me on this new journey.. I thought we were friends.. you did, after all, perform my D&C.. sure wish you could have cut me some slack.

Why don't you all just go jump off a big, tall, cliff. I'll just be here with my migraine.. trying to figure out how NOT to lose my mind from the pain. You guys really.. REALLY SUCK.

End of rant.


Ellen said...

Truly sorry. You might want to try Boylan Medical Associates. At their healthpark location, they have child care... for free. You use the gym child care downstairs and just write down the dr's office you're using. If you can use a nurse practitioner, they can usually see you really soon, like in a day or two... again, really, really sorry....

J. said...


Christa said...

How stinky! How very stinky! Gotta love insurance. We are currently battling to get J medica gave him vision but not medical. Um, yeah my 8 week old needs vision coverage, but don't worry about all the medical bills piling up from his surgery! May I add that W works for this insurance at their corporate office.
I'm praying it works out before your next headache..want to make sure you have your meds

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