Thursday, April 08, 2010


Since the girls can no longer play footsie while they eat, they have come up with a new game.

"Mommy, Margot has her foot on the table!"

..tickle tickle..

The girls and I have been taking a walk every morning this week. We are out of the house by 9:30 and stay at the park for at least an hour, sometimes a little more. The heat and all that running around leave the girls super worn out and they have actually been climbing back into the stroller when they are ready to leave. This is a welcome change from my having to hold them in the seat with my knee while they flap around and I try to strap in their flailing limbs. The torture one must endure as a toddler. When we get to the house they call for their softs and Ollie and proceed to snuggle on the floor until nap time. I was hoping to head out this morning to keep our streak alive but all this pollen and some pending thunder showers having given me another headache - I know y'all are shocked. Sarah, with a headache? Never. Come on coffee and Motrin, don't fail me now.

Speaking of pollen, I wore navy blue yoga pants on our walk yesterday and by the time we got to our destination my pants were actually covered in yellow dust.. just from walking through the air! This is out of control.

So far I have only met one mother at the park. Not met really.. just smiled at and was nodded too.. everyone else that frequents this park in the mornings is a nanny. Yesterday, the parents of one of the children walked by with their dogs and stopped to lean over the fence and greet their child and the nanny before leisurely continuing their stroll. No judgement here, just a little incredulity. I can't help feeling a bit frumpy in the presence of these youngsters pushing strollers. I am slowly coming to understand that I am no longer in my early 20s. I know this of course but I feel it more definitively these days. Good motivation to break out the old Pilates DVD.

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