Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Random picture catch-up...

We have been sick around here and that means I haven't felt much like blogging. We had a great time with Mary and Larry and then just as the visit was coming to a close, the tummy bug made it's way through the family. Ugh. We were all better and non-contagious by Easter Sunday so we were all very thankful for that. We have so many sweet photos of Mary and Larry's visit that I am just going to load a ton of my favorites and let you enjoy them for yourselves...

Farmer Ada at Marbles..

The dollhouse from Great Grandma..


Margot.. with Ada the bear..


..Margot.. and this one has a funny story. Grammy was having fun taking pictures of the girls trying on their new Easter dresses. She asked Margot to put her pacy down for a second and Margot took it out of her mouth, set it on the step next to her and struck this pose. Girl has nap hair in a serious way.

The grandparents got us a wagon! Contrary to the look of this picture.. the girls love riding in it. I just wanted to document that these girls are such a handful when they are not in the mood to do something.. like ride home from the park.. even 3 full grown adults have trouble getting flapping toddlers into their vehicle.

Aunt Margie.. the strollers are still a huge hit.

Ada and Grammy ready for the hunt..

Dandelion for Ada.

Sliding Margot = Happiest Margot on the block.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Easter Celebration. I felt like i was right there with the bunnies and the hunt and all the love and excitement.
The photo of Margo on the steps in her Easter dress should be in a contest. I would love my own pic of that.
Sorry you all got the ugh illness but that happens.
I picked up a cold myself in this warm weather. I even missed an outing with my red-hatters because of it. Boo-hoo. Love you all. G-Granma