Saturday, July 17, 2010


Look what happened to our wonderful patio set last night!! Yes, that is shattered glass scattered everywhere. A storm blew in from no where and right before our eyes picked up the table and crashed it to the ground. Just when we had a place to use it and just as we are approaching cooler weather when the mosquitoes will finally be gone. We will miss our sweet set. So sorry Aunt Margie and Uncle Gavin. We loved it well while it lasted. 20 years with you is apparently equivalent to just one year in our home.. then again.. you did give it to us intact.. so who knows how much longer it could have survived if left in your care. Sigh. I feel like we should have some sort of memorial service. I remember getting lines on my own little girl legs from these chairs while eating on your deck. It has been a good friend. As I write this the sky has turned black again. Thunder is crashing in the distance.. should be a good nap time today.

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