Saturday, July 10, 2010

The trip in photos

Ok. So as usual I am not up to describing the entire trip to FL so I will let the pictures do the work for me. I will say that we had an incredibly relaxing trip and that these puddle pictures are (somehow) the only pictures we took while we were in Palm Harbor!!! Not a single picture of Great Grandma Elsie with the girls :( I guess that tells you just how relaxed we were.. couldn't even be bothered to get out the camera.

Just in case you were wondering, Ada in pink and Margot in blue.

Grammy and Margot at the aquarium in Tarpon Springs.

Margot's face when you ask her to smile.

Grandpapa and Margot.

What traveling with our crew looks like in the daylight.

Kisses for Great Grandmother.

Talking on Great Grandmother's awesome red phone.

They loved getting to play with their cousins.

The boy cousin gave them some flying lessons.

Then we all sat around and watched the girls play in the pool Aunt Tracy bought them. I mostly just giggled at their giant diapers.

Margot really got into splashing Grammy.

Daddy made blueberry scones for us in Tallahassee.

The Wheely Bugs were the only toys we brought with us and they got ridden a lot!

Lookin' at the fishes at Great Grandmother's and Great Granddaddy's house.

So much fun. Can't wait to do it all again next year. Love you guys!


J. said...

LOVE the pictures! I miss those girlies so much. Tell them I said hi!

Wendy's World said...

Great photos! Which one of you lived in Palm Harbor? I grew up in Clearwater and Tarpon Springs! Small world!!

SMS said...

J - The girls scream at the computer whenever we look at your blog :)

Wendy - Stephen's mom grew up in St. Pete and his grandmother now lives in Palm Harbor. I LOVE that area :) Stephen and I lived in Sarasota when we were first married so we got to visit quite a bit. Small world indeed!!!

Cassidy said...

Beautiful photos, Sarah, and sweet memories. Mary gave me a blueberry scone before I slipped away one day, and I ate it with a cup of coffee on my drive to Jacksonville the next morning. It was delightful. Any chance I could get the recipe?

L said...

Love the shirts! :)