Saturday, July 10, 2010

The next step

While we were in Palm Harbor, the girls learned how to climb out of their travel cribs. The room they were staying in wasn't baby proofed so we had to teach them to stay in the cribs. This took some discipline but eventually they did stay in long enough to nap well and sleep at night. Once they were awake, they just climbed out and knocked at the door for someone to come get them.

The very first morning we were back in Raleigh, Stephen and awoke to the familiar sound of them knocking on their bedroom door. They had no trouble climbing out of their cribs here at home after all that practice down in Florida. It was time. We spent our first morning home, transforming their cribs into toddler beds, super baby proofing the rest of the room so that they could be free to roam when they were not supposed to be in bed. We tried to find some bed rails to keep them from falling out but were unable to find any that fit, so we just put their little beds against the wall and prayed that they wouldn't roll out. So far they have fallen out once or twice but only in the early evening before they are in a sound sleep. No waking up at night, they nap well.. it has been a much easier transition than I thought it would be. We got them pillows and have tried to get them to let us put blankets over them but they still like to sleep on their soft with no covers so... I say have at it!

Suddenly I wish I had more pictures of them standing in their cribs in the morning.


L said...

Oh! So lovely! Adore the pink and white beds - what lucky ladies! Sounds like the vacation was a blast too - that looks utterly relaxing.

Anonymous said...

So sweet. Good night sweet girls. Grammy misses our mornings together.

J. said...

ahhh so cute! they are growing up so fast :)

Tracy said...

Mine started out just like this ;) eventually, like maybe when the cold weather sets in, you can start out with a comforter etc... Seth still does not like a flat sheet, just his comforter ha ha! Love you guys so sweet baby girl twins are growin up!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss you all !!! Thank you for the sweet note you sent me. Glad all the rain didn't ruin your vacation.
The girls are ready for their little beds. Look how long those legs are. Good for climbing out of cribs.
I will send you some e-mail pics as my facebook doesn't work too well. Love you all. G-Grandma