Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our House

For those who are interested.. here are some rather late pictures of our newest residence.

The kitchen is so much bigger than our last place.

There is even a spot on the stairwell to put Stephen's 100lb aluminum iceberg sculpture (that we have been dragging around since undergrad). Love that we finally have a perfect place to admire it.

Stephen decided to give the 3rd bedroom to the girls as a playroom, instead of using it for an office/studio. Sweet daddy.

Our room is about the same size that it was before. We have our own bathroom of course and this one has a tub! Last place just had a shower.. which was pretty great too... but I am excited about the tub. The girls' bathroom is in the hallway, and there's a half bath downstairs.

La Chambre d'Ada et Margot. See that string of birds on the wall.. this is my victory for the week.

I had this idea to do their room with bird silhouettes but couldn't figure out how I wanted it to be done.. and I didn't really have a budget for it. So, Stephen cut the birds out for some leftover cardboard boxes for me. Then I glued on a variety of fabric that I have in my collection and stuck a clothes pin on the back. Hung them from a line of semi rough looking jute string and.. voila! There is a strand over their beds and another one over the dresser.

This is a big thing for me.. I hardly ever actually finish a project that I envision.. even if I get started on it. Feels so good.

We couldn't resist a little owl family. From left to right, Daddy Owl, Mommy Owl, Baby Ada Owl and Baby Go-Go Owl (christened by Ms. Margot herself).

Isn't it cute?!


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is about the cutest thing I ever saw! I am so proud of you. Mary p.s. that is one clean looking house! I know you are smiling.

Ellen said...

Very cute birdies, Miss Sarah. I love a completed project...

L said...

Ummmmmm... unbelievable! LOVE IT, S!

chiaki said...

birds are great!
i like it very much.
let us follow that, please! :)

kate said...

Man love ya'lls taste your house is great! Love the yellow children's chairs, painting behind your bed, quilts, birds( so adorable:), 100lb sculpture:) Maybe the boys and i will make a variation of the birds..maybe lizards:)-love you

J. said...

Sarah I'm so proud!!!! So glad that you got to do this project :) It's even better than I thought it would be. love i!

Anonymous said...

The room looks great with the owls and other birds. So glad you have felt better-good to clean. Nothing like little bribes to get them to eat. I love the tart-yum-m-m. Have a great week-end with your birthday girls. Wish I could be with you. Love, G-Grandma

L said...

I really love this post!!!

Anonymous said...

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