Sunday, July 25, 2010


Yesterday Josie came over to play after her nap. She and Ada cuddled up to watch some Good Night Gorilla after a fine dinner of Chinese take out.

Then Josie had the brilliant idea to come outside and play on the slide before bath time.

(please excuse the snot)

Why would Josie get to spend the entire evening with us you ask? Because while we were all playing and enjoying the cool evening breeze, her mommy and daddy were at the hospital having a baby. Josie is now a big sister to a bouncing baby brother.

PS: It was so exciting to be on baby watch that when our friends called to say that it was time for us to come get Josie, I started squealing like a 12 year old. Then I called both of our moms because I just felt like I needed to let some of my crazy excitement out. Living vicariously.


Anonymous said...

Nothing better than sharing this stage of life with dear friends. I'm so glad Josie got to be with you while she waited for the arrival of her brother. Love these pictures, especially the one with her and Ada in the chair. By the way thanks for calling and sharing your excitement with me yesterday. Mary

Sara said...

Those are my three favorite toddler girls! Oh how they make my day!