Wednesday, February 22, 2012


There aren't many of those long hairs left from when when she was born.. but just enough. The new hair underneath seems to be coming in a little blonde and a lot thick. Just like the girls hair, only straight. She has been doing the "zombie" crawl on her belly for what seems like 3 months or more and recently taking a few hands a knee crawling steps before flattening back out onto her belly to move at a quicker, more studied pace. This weekend she gave up belly crawling altogether and now only travels by hands and knees. Belly up, head down, full speed ahead. Yesterday she started clapping. I think babies clapping are so stinkin' precious because it is there first intentional expression of joy, as opposed to a laugh or giggle which is more of a reflex. Spending Sunday and Monday alone with Frankie was such a sweet blessing. I am pretty sure it was more fun than it would have been if I were on my own completely. Having one baby is a dangerous thing for this heart of mine.

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