Monday, February 20, 2012

How do I spell vacation? N-A-N-A-P-A-P-A

That is also the way I spell sleeping in until 7:30, a long luxurious morning shower, and eating a peaceful breakfast with a baby who has strawberry breath. 

Stephen is at the state swim meet today..and when he gets home swim season will officially be over. YES. Mom and Dad have the big girls at their house, giving me a much needed break. It's been me and Frankie around here since yesterday at lunch time. The first few hours threw me into a bit of a tailspin. I didn't know where to start. Clean up the mess that my family left in their wake.. or just rest with the baby doll in my arms.. I chose the latter. I didn't expect to feel so lonely. I came around in the afternoon after a pep talk from Stephen and picked up dinner from Outback (since my fav restaurant was closed). I picked up just enough to make me feel calm. I watch the marathon of Downton Abbey on PBS.. and the finale, which was only so-so in my humble opinion. I needle felted two little purple babies for the girls.  Went to bed hearing the soft clicking of snow flakes falling against the windows. This morning the sun is bright and cheerful. I let Frankie crawl around all morning in her diaper and she is now snoozing snuggled in her crib. She is loving her all access pass to the girls toys. Babbling up a storm. It's a nice morning. 

Yesterday when they left and I felt so, blank. I started to worry that perhaps I had waited too long to take a day off like this. I couldn't think of anything that I wanted to do. All I could think of was what I needed to do. I am pretty sure I have some sort of disease. The always be working when you have free time sort of disease. Have I lost myself in wife/motherhood? Nah.. don't think so. I am coming around this morning. I am still itching to clean a bathroom, and I may just do that, but at least my mind is thinking thoughts again.

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