Friday, February 17, 2012

Day Seventeen: Time

How does one take a picture of time when A) one forgot that she needed to figure that out earlier in the day and B) one just walked in from spending some quality time with a glass of red wine and some lovely lady friends.. and it is 11:40 PM. This "one" takes a picture of the clock on the microwave in the darkened kitchen and plays around with the shutter a bit. Voila. Time. 

In other news, I did not frantically clean my house today. I fought the urge and won, thanks to a pep talk from the ol' BFF. I enjoyed my girls. I made dinner for a friend with an adorable new baby boy. I made dinner for us (warmed it up really). I painted the girls fingernails hot pink. I took a video of Frankie talking to a picture of Baby Adam .. and actually caught the moment when she tried to say his name on tape. This was her first attempt a real word and I got it! She tried to say "Adam" because we were all telling her it was Baby Adam that she was babbling too. She said "A-dah?" it was really adorable. She also crawled around my room after her nap saying it over and over. I had a marvelous day and I didn't let myself go crazy and destroy it. Go me.

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