Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two in One: Days 27 (Something You Ate) and 28 (Money)

It happened, I missed a day. Oh well.. 2 in 1? What do ya think? Too literal? 

Stephen is home from NY. We are all glad to have him back. It is beautiful outside today. Mary, Stephen and the girls have gone to the park.  I am here waiting for Frank-e-pot to wake up, trying to decide if I should also make chocolate chip cookies. She has a new toof. A tiny point in the top of her mouth.. think another is on it's way as well. She hasn't said a word about it. Who is this child I birthed? She may be the calm that we stormy Shinglers need. Her smiles, her laughs, her babbles.. contagious. 

Last night when I was putting Ada and Margot to bed, singing them to sleep, Ada reached out her hand (as she often does) for me to hold it while she drifted off. I couldn't reach her from where I was because there was an ocean of "babies" in their "beds" between us. I told her so. She sat up in bed "God's hands can reach me?" she asked. "He strong and His arms are long and He can reach my hand?" Yes, Ada, He can reach your hand.

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