Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Final Day: something you're listening to

Something I am not listening too.. Grammy playing with the little girls :( Her train is speeding it's way back to Grampapa in Orlando. We miss her already and I know the girls will miss her terribly when they wake up. I didn't take a single picture of them all together either.. boo to that. The girls had several firsts while she was here though and that was fun. They used scissors on their own for the first time and made a collage with the pieces they cut out. I know I know... can't believe I haven't let them do that before but I was so nervous that they would cut themselves and when I tried once before I had the hardest time showing them how to hold the scissors. Having a kindergarten teacher around the house is pretty stinkin' awesome. She also taught Margot to write her own name. Not to mention she can cut out a pink butterfly like nobody's business. Believe me, I know. My butterfly cutting skills leave pretty much everything to be desired. 

We love you Grammy and we are so thankful for you. And for you Grampapa, for letting her out of your arms for an entire week.

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Claudia said...

She is the most awesome kindergarten teacher, friend, & Grammy! Love you Mary!