Monday, March 05, 2012


For those who need help seeing the obvious, this is Margot's "Princess Robot with Diamond Eyes". Her majesty is wearing a crown as you can clearly see. My favorite part is the super wide legs. Margot cut and glued each and every piece of this project. It was her idea entirely. I just got out some scissors and the construction paper. She also signed her work. I held my hand over hers as she wrote, reminding her which letters came next but those are her letters. 

Today was better. I wrestled my brain into having a quiet time with my breakfast. Every female in this house was up, fed, dressed and in the car taking Stephen to work this morning at 7:25. Killed some time at Target before the kids club at the gym opened and then they played while I took a solid hour to work out and listen to a Vintage Podcast on my iPod. A solid hour to myself. I was freshly showered and back in the kids club zipping up coats and vests by 9:40 and we made it home to put a very sleepy baby down for her nap.. on time. I played with scissors and paper with the big girls while she slept, then we lunched, rested, started dinner and jumped into the car to go get the boy when he was ready to come back home. Even stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home with the whole family in tow. Veggie soup for dinner - the girls' favorite they tell me. I am fully aware that this day went a little too well. I just wanted to document how hard I am working not to fall into that open pit of depression that  I am teetering on. Today I won. I looked to Him and He was there to help. I got up and out and though I almost quit before I even got started, I pushed through and came out the other side a better me. This morning when we strapped the girls in and Ada started her freak out about having to wear her vest in the car, I ground my teeth in frustration and muttered something about why I don't bother to do this. Stephen looked at me and said "You are doing this. You have to own it, Sarah." He was right. Today was not about what was easy, it was about what was imperative. If I don't take care of myself how can I ever expect to be there for the rest of my family. Usually it is more trouble for me to take care of myself than to just take care of everyone else and leave me for last. But then I slip, and fall, and down I go. It is inevitable. Not today. 

Me strong like bull.

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