Thursday, March 15, 2012


Would you believe me if I said I had meant to post every day since the last day I posted something here and just.. didn't? Oh well. Life moves too fast for me some weeks. This week I have a reason though! We have a new baby around here! Well for one day a week at least (this week we get to play with her two days). She is a month older than Frankie and just as easy and fun and precious as another certain little baby I used to watch when the girls were Frankie's age (younger?). Back then it felt like having triplets and I wasn't super good at twins yet.. now it feels like having twins again which is actually really sweet. I even remember how to pick up two babies at once and feed two babies at once.

Frankie was super jealous at first but after about an hour she warmed up and was grinning at her and wanting to share toys and pull her hair. Baby love.

And in conclusion, today..

snow or no snow.. a pink sled will always be put to good use in this home.

Why yes, Ada is laying in the grass beside the alley. She has taken to laying down on particularly fluffy clumps in the yard. It's about time, I say.

I think this picture of Margot looks like that of a very determined story book character than I can't place. Sal? Frances?

Until tomorrow?

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Larry said...

Margot does look like a character!!! Could it be Christopher Robin in Winne the Pooh? I know there is some illustration in a book that looks just like that. Loved these pix. So excited for you to have an extra girl one day a week. She is such a doll. Love you all, Mary (not Larry like it says.)