Thursday, March 29, 2012

Last week it was hot

This is what it looks like when you squeeze a 3 month bathing suit on a 10 month baby. It was just too cute to go to waste. She only squealed a little bit when we were trying to wriggle her into it. 

I have been either too tired at night or too preoccupied with put kids that get up at 9:30 back to bed (or listening to their father do it) to write the last few weeks. Praying like the Dickens that the next days and weeks will be different. 

I had a terrible dream this morning. Stephen and I were driving across an extremely narrow bridge over a big river. Our car was packed full of our belongings and we were moving to a new place to start a new stage of life (really.. that is the conversation we were having in the dream). The bridge was only wide enough for the wheels of our car (our old Volvo) and at one point I said sharply to Stephen "I think we are about to go off the edge!" He corrected the steering wheel and we continued on across and after a few moments more the car tilted to the left and fell right off the bridge and into the icy water below. I was calm about it all, we both were. I grabbed my purse from the console and we both swam to the side where we pulled ourselves up on a stone wall and called for help. The bridge workers were having coffee and doughnuts and they came out to help us. Brought us inside and asked us how this happened. We told them. They weren't shocked. Then I realized all our stuff was in the trunk of a car at the bottom of a river and started to get frazzled. An elderly lady sitting across from me scolded "Now see.. here you have your purse and your husband safe and sound and you haven't even thanked God for that!". I nodded in agreement and started to pray with very little conviction when.. Stephen woke me up with a cup of coffee in hand. Dreams are not always my favorite. Particularly the ones where you can read so much into them.. without even trying that hard. Really really don't want to fall off the side of a bridge folks. Metaphorical or otherwise.

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