Wednesday, March 07, 2012



These are from their bath tonight. Margot is starting to have a real knack for being photographed. Ada.. couldn't care less. 

Today was another good day. I overslept but still managed to get the girls up and out to take Stephen to work so we could have the car. Today we did a parent child swim lesson thing at the gym. I honestly don't think I have ever felt as frumpy as I did today but getting the baby napped early and our little behinds into the car and to the gym in time for the class was all I could manage so.. I didn't even bother with my Yankees cap.. I just let the bed head reign. The girls were SO EXCITED. The locker room was abuzz with other moms with kids, all looking at me like I was nuts to try it with two. The teacher said she was certainly fine with it if I was. Man it was fun. Just being with them in the water. Ada couldn't contain her goofiness and kept making very "special" sounding noises and facial expressions. My only thought was that perhaps this class was a little young for them though. They were the oldest by far and it was more about getting the child comfortable in the water and we have been doing that since their first summer in Florida. I'm going to see if they have a preschool class available for free as well. The point is, we had a good time. Getting them there, making sure they had gone pee if need be before getting in the water, swimming, then back out and to the locker to get our things, family shower situation.. then dress and back to get Frankie from the kids club before lunch was a feat. I was prepared to tell them to walk very carefully in their flippies on the wet floor, but never considered that they might sit down on the floor of the gym shower (ACK!!!!!) or rub the walls of the shower with their towels (CLOROX ASAP!!!!!). Margot wiped out 4 times on the tile floor but handled it like a Shingler. 

The sunny weather and warmer temps have made all the difference around here. We took a long walk to Ace Hardware and the puppy food store when Frankie woke up early from her nap and we needed a distraction fast. Beautiful. Any minute the bugs and pollen will most likely take over but right now it is weather that you simply must be out in.

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Larry said...

Amazing. Looks like we've gone from babyhood to girlhood in one giant leap. As in mommy's big girls and daddy's sweet girls. Let the adventures begin.