Thursday, March 01, 2012


It is in the 70s here. We are embracing the warmth on this 1st day of March. We will not be surprised if old man winter makes a surprise return.. we will not get our feelings hurt. We have mourned him long enough.. if it's gonna be warm we are gonna enjoy it before those mosquitoes hatch. 

We were at Pullen Park this morning. Rode the boats and the train.. forgot the camera. Might go again tomorrow if it stays this nice. Stephen took all 3 to the neighborhood park again just now so that I can tread water in peace. I am surrounded by pre-school application/scholarship forms, IBR renewal forms, tax documents.. a cup of espresso. At least I can fill out forms with the windows open.. right? 

I am sort of excited for Frank to get her two top teeth, as they are currently coming in. And yet I am really, really and truly going to miss that two teefer smile up there. If I could freeze time I am pretty sure this is where I would freeze it for her. For a few months at least. She is the baby of the family, the epitome of a cliche. She is always happy, everyone adores her, she always gets what she wants because she doesn't want that much.. right now. I can see where you "youngest of the family" get it from. It seems inevitable, and oh so enjoyable.


J. said...

Sarah, I saw this picture on fb and it made me smile. my roommate's bf was over, and I said "this is my friend's baby, isn't she adorable?!?" he agreed and then wanted to look at pictures of the twins and other ones of frankiepot :) can't wait for when i come to visit..maybe in april sometime??

Sarah said...

Awwww :) So so hope you come in April!!!! Miss you friend.