Saturday, August 04, 2012

4th Birthday: Take One

We had Ada and Margot's first, fourth birthday party today. You know how we roll.. this is the first of three celebrations this year. They wanted to have a fairy party and build fairy houses so we were happy to oblige. Stephen and Ada collected baskets of moss and other "lost things" with which to build and I gathered glue and anything that I could find that looked like it might belong to a fairy. 

Our family usually favors smaller parties and this year was no different. We were really sorry that J was out of town. Pretty sure this is the first birthday event she has missed. We will have to celebrate with her soon. MC and H came in their fairy finest and they all got down to the business of building those tiny residences.

Maison d'Ada.. under construction. 

We found a Celtic station on Pandora (that's fairy-ish.. right?) and sat back and watched these four little fairies create. It turned out quite nicely. 

Happy birthday to my precious 4 year olds. Four-years-old. I still can't wrap my head around that so I am just gonna press pause and try again another day.

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Anonymous said...

A kindegarten teacher Grammy couldn't be more impressed!!! First that had four little ones together for a fourth birthday party and then letting the kids create their fun. Great job mom and dad! Looks like sooooo much fun.