Wednesday, August 08, 2012

4th Birthday: Take Three

For those who didn't see the pictures on FB. This is Ada's fairy cake that she requested from Daddy this year.

Margot's rainbow unicorn cake.

Cake for breakfast on their actual birthday. Ponies present of course.
We got a babysitter for little Frankie and took the girls for a "date" to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham.  We didn't spend any time indoors, we just played at all the outdoor exhibits. Margot's favorite part was the caboose that you could climb around in and Ada loved the dinosaur trail.. one of the dino's on the trail just happened to be "her dinosaur".  Possibly the best day the 4 of us have ever spent together. The girls missed Frankie and kept reminding us that she was missing all the fun.

What a year it has been. How much you two have grown. I look at your little faces and I see tiny women in there. Tiny bits of mature personalities beginning to emerge. The parts I see, I am so proud of. I am so excited about the way you show unbridled enthusiasm for life, Ada. I am so excited about the way you love and support your sister, Margot. The bravery you exhibit in challenges Margot, is astounding. I have only discovered this sort of bravery in the last 10 years, with the help of your father. You have just turned four years old and you are cultivating this bravery with a persistence that can only come from above. Ada, you recent interest in academics has blown me away. You can write your own name Ada! By yourself with no help. I didn't know if you would even be interested in letters and numbers this year in Pre-K.. it seems I underestimated you my precious girl. 

We can not wait to see what this year brings for you girls. You are the best thing that ever happened to our lives and we are grateful for you every second of every day.

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