Thursday, August 09, 2012


We have an appointment tomorrow to talk to someone about becoming home owners. We have no down payment. We are super poor. We have excellent credit and the only debt we have is related to student loans. I am hoping and praying that the Lord will lead us to the right place and this is the first step in that process. I have never been discontented with renting until recently. Our rent is currently income based. A mixed blessing. Every time Stephen gets a raise we are required to report it to them within 10 days. This last increase went up a full $110. I know you NY folks are laughing so hard you probably just got red wine on your PJs but for us that is a chunk man. His next increase goes into effect at the end of this month and I am not looking forward to another increase - praying that it is minimal. We have reached a point at which it no longer feels like living here is some super amazing deal. This could be all in my head. I have this idea that at the rate of rent we are paying we could probably get a mortgage and pay less. I know that is only 1/786th of what you have to consider with home ownership. The place we are meeting with tomorrow caters to people just like us. Super low income, wanting to live downtown, first time home buyers (crosses fingers). They have special lenders that know of grants that the city offers to our income bracket to encourage home ownership. FHA loans and the like that do not require the massive down payment that traditional lenders require these days. I am a little nervous. I am afraid I will be disappointed by what they have to say. In my dreams I hear them telling us that we are the perfect candidates and that they have a property that fits our every want and need that we can close on before the end of the year. That our mortgage will be less than our current rent. The homes they offer from their own organization are fully gutted and reworked with all new roof, flooring .. you name it's new and under warranty so potential repair costs are less of a factor as you get used to being a homeowner. At least.. this is my understanding. I have honestly never had a desire to own my own home. It always scared the mess out of me. That level of commitment or permanence. Now it is all I dream about. Lord help me to find contentment again no matter what tomorrow brings. If you think of us, please whisper a little prayer.

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