Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The hunt continues


So the house hunt is in full swing. We have a price limit and our realtor and I have been sorting through properties in the last week since this whole crazy thing began. I am putting this picture up here because this is my fav today. A wise woman recently told me that the key to home buying is not to get emotionally attached so I am taking that advice. I like this lovely split level home from 1963 that needs quite a bit of cosmetic repairs. I like it a lot. I could see our family living there. So now we have my sweet Daddy come dig around and see if he can find the fatal flaw. Then we reassess and move forward from there.. it's an interesting process to say the least. I am happy to report that I have been finding homes that we like in our price range and in the neighborhood we want to be in so.. those are all very positive things!  Still I am not allowing myself to get emotionally attached to anything. Just pursuing what we like and seeing where each path leads. So that's the update on that. 

We had members night tonight at Vintage. It was exciting, it was convicting, I laughed, I cried.. but I came away feeling like I had been handed a gift. This gift came from some tragic circumstances. Someone formerly associated with our church has done something that has brought great brokenness into their life and the life of their family. I know who the person is but I have no idea what was done. Our lead pastor told us that if we knew this person to please come and talk to them and they could give us more information and answer any questions we may have. He also said that if we didn't know this person that there was no reason for us to have this information. Spot on. Guard your hearts, he said. Guard your hearts against gossip. I am paraphrasing because I wasn't taking notes tonight but it was the admonition to guard our hearts that did it. Folks will tell you not to gossip when something big and ugly occurs. To not discuss rumors amongst yourselves, so much damage can be done that way. I know that. But tonight when he reminded us to guard our hearts, I immediately felt like my heart was wrapped in warmth. Like the Lord had just wrapped a protective shield around my heart. I swear to you... I lost all curiosity. Every bit. I have not a single ounce of curiosity to find out what happened. That is entirely unlike me since I am rational sort who needs to have every question answered. The gift was the freedom from curiosity concerning matters that do not involve me. I am hoping this is not just an isolated incident. Letting that sort of curiosity go by the wayside would save a heck of a lot of wasted time and mental energy. I know that gossip is not a good thing to engage in but I guess I never considered that I would need to guard my heart against it's toxicity. Funny enough my verse for the day was Romans 8:6, "For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace." Pretty apropos, wouldn't you say?

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