Wednesday, August 08, 2012

4th Birthday: Take Two

On Sunday, we went to High Point for a party at Nana and Papas with GG, Uncle Michael, Aunt B, Uncle Page and Aunt Jenny. I brought my camera but left the SD card in the computer so I have no pictures of the wonderful party that they had. The food was fantastic, as always, and we all had a nice visit together. The girls went home with buckets of stuff. New Hello Kitty back packs for school, Giant Fairy activity books to play with, special necklaces made from Black Mountain Gold.. the list goes on. Our trunk was so full we weren't sure we were going to fit it all in! But the highlight of the day was the appearance of these beauties. Their very own bicycles from Nana and Papa!!!

As soon as we ate the adorable cake that Nana had (complete with sweet ballet dancers) Ada had her helmet on and was asking Papa and Uncle Page if they could go outside and ride her new bike. She spent awhile going up and down the sidewalk between the two of them, flying!!! She was in heaven!! Margot was more timid and didn't want to try it that day. 

The very next day, however, while outside watching Ada ride on the sidewalk at home, Margot decided she was ready. She was nervous about the wobble of the bike on the training wheels. Stephen had been helping her gain confidence, keeping his hand on the handlebar but allowing the bike to wobble so that she could get used to it. Then she took a deep breath, asked Stephen how to brake and pedal again, just to be sure. She looked up at her daddy and said "I can do this! I can do this Daddy. Here I go!" and off she went down the sidewalk. Stephen said he has never been prouder of that little girl than at that moment. Bravery indeed little Margot.

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