Monday, March 15, 2010

because if I don't write this down now..

.. I won't be able to laugh at myself later... and I really need a laugh right now.

In the last 15 minutes:

I undressed screaming Ada and Margot who were covered from head to toe in pear sauce and yogurt. Held Ada while she screamed and gagged. Put her in a safe spot on the carpet while I helped Margot attempt to calm down and got Josie down from her lunch. Josie was calm and pleasant as ever. I held both girls as they bucked and screamed and Margot whacked me in the eye with her flying noggin .. really hoping that it doesn't turn black. Put ice on my eye. Ran to the kitchen, leaving screaming Ada and happily playing Margot and Josie, to clean up the mess at the table before little hands find it and make it worse. Started bleeding (the bleeding had stopped about 3 days ago). Ran into the bathroom to access. Heard giant crash and screaming. Peaked out of bathroom door only to find a terrified little Josie underneath the play kitchen that she had pulled down on top of herself. Naked Ada and Margot now having a screaming fight over Ada's soft. Yanked up my pants and ran to Josie's rescue. Yelled (something I have never done) "It's NAP TIME EVERYONE!!! UPSTAIRS WE GO!!!!". Carried screaming children up the stairs one at a time. Changed diapers in an silent flurry, taking calming deep breaths. Closed curtains, kissed exhausted smiling babies and made it back downstairs without completely losing my cool. Why, I say, WHY doesn't McDonald's deliver?!?! I need greasy french fries STAT.

I will laugh at this later.. right?


Anonymous said...

OH MY....!!! Yes, you will laugh.
So glad you have the picture proof.
These will be priceless entries someday.

J. said...

oh sarah! what a day...i know you will laugh at this soon. you are such a good sport :)

Wendy's World said...

That was a fun story to read, Sarah! I can remember those days like they were yesterday and we DO laugh about them today ;) Sorry it was tough on you and I hope you had a good break to decompress! Go have some french fries!

Tracy said...

Ha ha oh my goodness, deja vu for me! Only I was keeping a set of triplets the same age as my twins too! Did you know that. One of my friends from church has a set of triplet girls two weeks older than the twins. We took turns keeping them twice a week. Oh the stories I could tell you ha ha! THANK goodness for Nap time right? Love you so!

SMS said...

OMG Tracy.. I knew you were a super mom but I didn't know you were THE supermom! Holy moly. That makes my 3 one year olds look like ameteur hour :)

And Wendy, I didn't make it for the fries but I did have a hot fudge sundae later that night. I think that was a decent substitute :)