Sunday, March 21, 2010

Visit from Papa

Papa and his motorcycle buddy stopped in for a visit today. The girls were thrilled. Ada set to work showing him her farm animals.

Margot requested a story and Papa was happy to oblige.

Then Margot brought Papa her soft and she and her crazy curls sat in his lap for awhile.. starting to get sleepy and ready for nap time.

Magot also baked Papa a pizza.

The girls stood with us on the sidewalk waving bye-bye as they roared away down the road, and started looking around for Papa as soon as we got back inside. They ran to the back window and peered out, saying "Papa?" with their shoulders shrugged in that questioning way kids do. So sweet.

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Anonymous said...

I'll bet that "Papa" is one happy guy. I'll bet he just about melts when he sees those beautiful girls' Mother's smile as she looks so lovingly on her children. I'll bet he can hardly wait to look on this wonderful family and try and imagine the joy in this household. I'll bet these little girls make his life worth living in this corrupt and sometimes unpleasant world. I'll bet he remembers their Mom lovingly taking care of her "babies" with such care when she was much like the children she loves so much now. I'll bet he remembers when he couldn't wait to get home to see her face and that beautiful smile and the joy that was always present. I'll just bet he's really glad to be alive right now.