Saturday, March 20, 2010

Guess what we did today..

..we went to visit one of Stephen's students at a horse show at the State Fair Grounds. She and her sister were showing today and her sweet mom asked if Margot wanted to ride Cabbage here.. Margot literally jumped at the chance. She sat up there patting that patient pony and looked very much at home.

For those of you who don't know this, I rode for about 10 years when I was growing up. I rode hunt seat so that means I did flat work and some minor jumps. Mostly I just loved being in the barn, in the stall with the horse, on the horse.. anything having to do with them. For awhile I took a silly pride in wearing my tall boots around running errands after leaving my weekly lessons. When I was about 10 I refused to wash my hands after having been around a horse because I loved the way they smelled. I was absolutely thrilled beyond belief when I actually got to teach Equitation at camp and spend each and every day in the barn for 2 months straight. So.. yeah.. I like horses. What you see here is one happy Mommy as she dreams of a future filled mother/daughter barn days. No pressure but...omg.. that would be pretty much the most incredible thing I can think of at the moment. She was absolutely fearless and completely comfortable... good signs I think.

Now for the surprise. Ada, whose absolute favorite animal is the horse.. who sees horses everywhere we go.. who squealed and tried to drag Daddy to the barn when she saw all the horses around.. was terrified. She patted the horses but was absolutely terrified when Stephen tried to let her sit up there. All is not lost though. As someone who initially took riding lessons as a terrified 12 year old who was head over heels in love with everything horsey.. I can sympathize with loving something from afar and being less than thrilled with actually being astride a "mighty" steed. I kicked my fear and so can she, if she wants to that is. I can help her with that.

Fun morning.. really, really fun morning.


Anonymous said...

It did look like an awesome morning. So glad you were able to have it. Love you, Mary

Christa said...

Start 'em young!!! I started Maddie and Sam on Strawberry (yes she is still around) when they could sit up. Now they LOVE to ride and Maddie can ride in the small fence alone. I know my dad would LOVE to have Ada and Margot come ride sometime. Reminds me of two cousins who shared a passion for horses.

SMS said...

That is a wonderful idea! We have been wanting to go visit Uncle Gavin and Aunt Margie anyway so this gives us even more of a reason :) How fun that our kids are headed in such a similar direction as their moms :)