Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bubbles and Hospital Socks: Ode to Rex Hospital

I am pretty sure it's not legal to be this cute or this excited about chasing bubbles.

I am wearing my hospital socks, even as I sit here and write this. They are so comfy and they pretty much sum up my experience this morning.

I was so hungry and thirsty this morning that when I left, I felt sick and my throat was on fire. Got to Rex and got checked in, slowly made our way through the various stations and areas until Stephen and I were finally in our own little area, curtain drawn.. hospital gown and fresh socks waiting on the bed. Spirits were high, despite the reason for our visit. My nurse was a precious grandma with a grandson who is only a few months older than Ada and Margot. She gave me a shot to numb the area before she put my I.V. in .. didn't feel a thing. She offered me a warm blanket and then brought me an actual warmed blanket that felt like it has just come out of a sterile dryer or something. The bed was comfy, the I.V. felt fine and I was under layers of warmth and I started to forget about my churning stomach and my throat started to feel ok. They had to move me to another O.R. area so I got to take that embarrassing ride through the center of the hospital with everyone looking.. I kinda hate that mostly because I have no idea where to look and end up just smiling at everyone which comes off a little odd... I also have a hard time not giggling when I am being wheeled around because I feel silly.. I could walk after all. Anyway, we made it to the next area and into our second private curtained nook. Now I started to feel a little more nervous. I cuddled down underneath my warm blanket and asked Stephen to pray with me. He did. Then he pulled the laptop out of his bag, hopped on the "IloveREX" wireless network and played me my current favorite video of Margot playing Mommy. The doc came and and discussed things for a few minutes, noting that she was not surprised that I made this choice and she was so glad that things would be over soon and we would be able to move on. The anesthesiologist and another nurse came in and it was time to say good-bye to Stephen. One long and comforting kiss later, he was on his way to the waiting room and I was being wheeled away again. The anesthesiologist gave me something in my I.V. " to relax me". The next thing I knew we were in the O.R. and the lights were starting to be a bit wavy. They helped me onto the operating table and the last thing I remember was someone telling me there was a place to lay my head. Then a long, deep, comfortable nap. Supposedly I was "awake" for the whole thing but they promised I would have no memory or recognition whatsoever.. they were right. I woke up with another warm blanket and feeling very sleepy and comfortable. The nurses told me everything went great and the only thing I could think of to say at the moment was "Was there only one?".. "Yes.", she assured me with a gentle hand on my shoulder, "There was only one." They took me to recovery and soon Stephen arrived with his wide smiling face, saying the doctor said everything could not have gone better. I can honestly say, overall, it was an extremely pleasant experience and I owe it all to the loads of prayer that went up today and the wonderful, caring staff at Rex Hospital.
I have napped quite a bit today, but other than that I am feeling fantastic. So much better than yesterday.. so much better than this morning. Just feeling good and feeling well on my way to healing in every way. Much love to all of those who sent us emails and messages, left comments here.. brought us meals.. watched our babies for us. We are overwhelmed with this multitude of blessings and oh so grateful. Thank you, everyone.


Wendy's World said...

So glad to hear all went well and that you are feeling so well. Prayers were answered. I hope you and Stephen have a wonderful getaway this weekend.

Jean Simpson said...

Your dad told me about your blog this morning. I'm sharing tears as I'm reading it. May the Lord continue to comfort your and Stephen's hearts. And, yes, you ARE normal. Hugs to you and Stephen and to the girls, who it's obvious are the apples of your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Sarah,

Sometimes our pride keeps us from asking for help. You put down your pride and called for help. You really are a courageous mother. May you be showered with lots of bubbles. May your retreat with Stephen be glorious. Love you all. G-Granma

Christa said...

We are so thankful that things went so well. Sending lots of love and prayers your way!!!

Summer said...

I'm so glad things are looking up. I hope you and Stephen have a great time on your (MUCH deserved) get-away. Hugs to you all :).