Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear Margot

Dear Margot,

For the last few weeks, you have been asking your father and I to read your picture Bible to you. You drag the heavy book off the shelf in your bedroom and then after lugging it across the bedroom, heave it up onto our lap and take your place there with your soft, listening expectantly. We read each page to you. You pay close attention to each word and the pictures on the page, pointing out various characters and animals as they appear. We have almost read all the way through this Bible (or "Bi-buh" in your words) in the last three days. This morning, we reached the page where Jesus is crucified. When you saw the picture, you reached down and touched the tender soul of your tiny foot. You noticed Jesus' wound. You seemed to have made the connection between yourself, your body, your foot.. and Jesus, Jesus' body, Jesus' foot. It struck me as such an intimate moment in your life. I felt so blessed to have been there with you in that moment.

With more love than I will ever know how to express,



Wendy's World said...

That is precious! Good for you as her parents for reading the bible to your children so young! What a tender, sweet story :)

Tracy said...

ok, tears...... ;-)

Precious, precious...

Love you guys