Thursday, March 11, 2010


This is not a great photo but I just love that whenever Margot is playing mommy, there are almost always two babies.. on in each arm. Amazing what kids pick up on.

Thanks for all the encouragement on the food front. Glad to know I am not alone. I used to wonder how I would afford to feed them when they ate as much as they did and now I get excited to see them take a few bites.. the last few days at least. Bottom line is I am not going to fight it. I am not into the whole power struggle thing and that is just what this has the potential to become. The last two mornings they have eaten a huge breakfast and then not much for the rest of the day other than milk and some goldfish. I am ok with it. There is also a bit of a special circumstance.

The last 3 mornings in a row, Margot has had the most insane blowouts I have ever seen let alone changed. Bath territory. Double bath with lots of good smelling lotion territory. Throw away the jammies, open the windows, boil the sheets kind of blow outs. Holy frijoles it has been bad. Poor sweet baby just stands there when I go in to get them in the morning with a sad look on her face saying "Poo poo, Mama.. poo poo!" Poo Poo indeed dear Margot. Sheesh. I thought this might be teething (even though they have never had bad diapers with teething) but now I am sure it is some sort of tummy bug. It's not only in the morning, it's all day. I called the doc and they said something like that is going around. So this could explain the total lack of interest at meal times, that and the fact that she and her sister are 19 months old and this is super par for the territory. Enough said. Life rolls on and kids will eat when they are hungry.

As far as my head goes, I had a migraine yesterday.. but it was manageable with meds.. then the meds started making my skin hurt. It normally only makes my lips feel bruised but yesterday it was all over.. ugh. Still it was a very nice and productive day... as was today. Got lots of cleaning done and had a really good time playing with the girls. We watched Sesame Street yesterday after nap and Elmo was at Karate Class and I asked the girls if they could "kick" they both started saying "Kick!" and doing a karate style kick with a big grin. SO cute.

More cute moments.. Margot has not been feeling her best this week and Ada has been in full comfort mode... coming over to her when she is crying on the floor and patting her tummy or head and saying "ok GoGo.. ok". Yesterday I asked Ada to go give Margot a hug because she was so sad and Ada went, sat down next to her, leaned her head on Margot's shoulder (this is a hug on some occasions) and then looked her straight in the face, reached out and wiped the tear off her cheek. Be still my heart.

One more and then I promise I will go... yesterday, while helping me dust the bedroom, the girls found their sunglasses from Aunt B. They wanted help from me to put them on. So I obliged, gently reminding them to say "Please" when asking for help. I was then treated to a chorus of "Pweeeze!" and "Peeze!" as they came back time and again to have those sunglasses put on their little faces. After the 2nd or 3rd time, out of the clear blue sky, Ada said "Thank you, Mama!" as clear as day and un-prompted. I stood frozen in my spot and just smiled ear to ear. You are welcome Ada!!! This is the not the first time she has said something like this but it is the first time unprompted. On Sunday, when reminded, she said "Thank you, Daddy!" for the first time. Does that count as a first sentence? She has also been saying "Hi GoGo!!!" and getting in Margot's face to make sure she is seen and acknowledged.

Ok .. enough baby talk.. I am just so excited and surprised by them each day. If they aren't frustrating the stuffing out of me by refusing to eat, they are making my heart burst with pride with their language leaps. Ah, parenthood. It's all they said it would be and so much more.

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Anonymous said...

You put a smile on this grammy's face. I am now counting the days until I can be with you all.