Thursday, July 24, 2008

5 lbs

The doctor visit went well. Once again we were met with happy smiles by the doctors who keep asking if I have had any problems or issues or whether or not we have any questions.. to which we respond with a resounding "No.. and none that we can think of..". The doctor beams at us and tells us to "keep it up!". I did manage to gain 5 lbs in one week. Wow. That is about what I was going for. Feeling very pleased with myself, I queried the doctor on the merits of my continuing with my massive protein intake. He said at this stage in the game there really is nothing I can do to add too or take away from whatever the babies weights will be. He said that not gaining or even my gain of 5 lbs could simply be fluid fluctuation and there is no need to pay special attention to attempting to put on weight. Well then. That settles that. It's back to my beloved fruit and veggies for me. I will keep eating protein at major meals, or course, but I am glad to be able to stop force feeding myself London Broil before lunch time! At any rate, Friday 8/1 will be our pre-op appointment with Dr. Z (the man who is to perform the C-Section). Hard to believe we are really that close. I put the finishing touches on packing my hospital bag today. Now I just need whatever outfit that I choose to take along to wear home.. I have to wait to put that since I only have 2-3 that still fit me at all and need those accessible for wearing every day. Yes, I know I will still look pregnant when I leave the hospital. From what I have read, I will look about 5 months pregnant. How inspiring :) 

As far as A possibly being a boy... it's not really possible. They are identical, which means they have a shared placenta - something you can't really fake or overlook. Also, fraternal twins would have a greater line of separation.. ours still have that tiny thread of a protective membrane. So .. yeah.. they are still girls. I just think it's funny how many folks have had dreams about one of them being  a boy :) 

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