Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fried Green Tomatoes

Today has been a particularly eventful one. This morning I received word from a good friend that she has been admitted to the hospital for some rather serious stuff. Then, right after that, I got a text message from one of my preggo buddies here that her water had broken and SHE was also in the hospital waiting for her labor to get going. That started the day off with a bang so to speak. I crept around the house most of the morning reminding myself that A) the squeezing sensation that I was feeling was the same thing I felt yesterday and the day before at the doctor's office and nothing to worry about and B) yes, my "water" was still intact. I also let the girls know that they should ignore all of the frantic conversations buzzing in the house concerning things like "labor" and "induction" and just focus on growing big and strong since this was not their day to enter the world. 

We went to the hospital to visit my ill friend and then headed to the farmer's market to pick up the ingredients for what promises to be a summer feast! Fried green tomatoes to start, beef kabobs with locally grown sweet onion, yellow squash and zucchini, fresh black eyed peas and roasted corn on the cob. Mmmmmm. As you can see all of this is still in progress. 

The girls were very healthy at their latest appointment on Thursday. "A" weighed in at a nice 4lbs and 9 ozs while "B" followed with a very fine 4lbs and 10 ozs. Everyone is very pleased with their progress and told me to keep "doing what you are doing". What I am doing is not much of anything. I spend a day out visiting.. then have to take the next day to recover from such things as riding in the car or sitting in a chair in the restaurant visiting... it is apparently very strenuous to do such things while carrying about 9 lbs + of baby around. I am sure everyone out there would love to see a picture of my enormous self.. yeah ha.. well.. I am not feeling very photogenic today so.. too bad for now. 

Stephen's mom has been with us all week and will be staying until Monday. Larry is in Peru and she thought it would be nice to come see us while he was away. We are so happy that she did. We have had a wonderful visit and she even cleaned the house to practice for when she will come and help out with the little ones. 

I still find myself a little blank minded lately. I am reading Baby Wise and the Baby Whisperer to get an idea on how to feed these guys and put them to sleep once they arrive. But these are not particularly stimulating literary topics. I tell myself that once this is done or that is done I will settle in and just focus on what is ahead but then I find more things to add to the list and I am beginning to think that settling part might not occur. I hope it does. I sort of hate that all I can think of to write about is the dull day to day around here and what is going on with the twins but .. there you have it. I smell our appetizers.. I think I will go sneak a taste :)

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