Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Finished Product

Doorway to the little girls room .. the rocker there belonged to my grandfather Percy and we really liked having a piece of family furniture there to rock them in. Love the color too :)

The cribs.. A is going to be on the left and B will be on the right. That is where they are right now and I am so used to thinking of them that way that I just thought I would keep it the same once they get here.

Better view of A's side with her sweet quilt made by Grammy Mary. How adorable is that quilt ?! The chair is very special too. It came from her great grandmother and grandaddy Shingler. Angie rescued two from the Sunday School of their church. Larry used these chairs when he was a little boy in Sunday School. When the babies are mobile we will strip them down (in case of lead paint) and re-paint them but for now we like the look of them. More family items. Love that.

Here is B's side with a view of her sweet quilt made by Mary's good friend, Donna. Once again.. how adorable is that quilt ?! You can see B's little Sunday School chair here too and their basket of stuffed animals.

Final view of the room. The pillow in the chair was made by my Gram. If you are curious about the piece of art above the car seats, that is none other than Luke Skywalker there watching over the girls. Our good friend Matt gave us this before we left Brooklyn and it works perfectly. 

So there you have it. We are ready for little baby girls to inhabit their space. Gigantic thank you to all those who contributed to their future comfort. I stand in this room and look around and can't help but be overwhelmed by the love and generosity of the people in our lives. You are all so precious to us. 


Kristin Schoolfield said...

I love the rug! I don't think I saw it the last time. The room looks great :) I think that Oliver needs a special seat in the girls' room too so he can watch over them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah & Stehen, thanks for shareing with us your home for the new ones! we are excited for you all and we are keeping up with all of it as yoou anad your parents provide. You are and hsve been in our prayers daily.

God Bless and keep you all, grand ma and grand pa shingler

Anonymous said...

Love the room. Thanks for sharing it. I am waiting on the girls names before I send the gifts. They need alittle personalizing! Can't wait... love you both. Sarah you look fabulous!
Aunt Mindy

Tracy said...

awwwww, the room is precious. reminds me of when I got seth and hannah's room ready and and stood there looking at the cribs wondering what they were going to look like in them!! Enjoy the neatness and such...uh...that might change a bit ha ha! So looking forward to coming up in August and loving on ALL of you!

Love you
Aunt Tracy

Anonymous said...

Sarah, you do look ready yourself and so does that beautiful room. You and Stephen have done a great job of decorating. Nervousness is part of delivery. But remember you can do it and what joy when you finally see "A" and "B". How nice that you can eat all that good fattening food when most gals are trying to lose weight. Mary told me that you will have 3-4 weeks of help after the babies come-wow! That is wonderful. You are in my prayers. I love you-Mommie to be. G-Gma Elsie