Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Stephen is off bowling with the men of FR. Sounds like fun right? Maybe the ladies can do this one night at some point in the future - bowling is so much fun! I stink at it but it's still fun to try. Plus bowling alleys seem to always have the most fantastic greasy french fries, and who can say no to that?

I had a true craving today. I wanted a sweet tea with lemon from McCallister's and one of their baked potatoes. So when Stephen got home from work today, I was there all showered and ready to go. Since I have had very few cravings in this pregnancy, the whole concept is still a novelty to Stephen and he gladly headed back to the car to go get this little treat. I stayed in the car while he went in to retrieve the goods and then we came back home and enjoyed it here at the house. I am not usually a fan of sweet tea, but this tea is different. It's not too sweet and is just so utterly refreshing - it was just as refreshing as I thought it would be and I sort of wished I could have had a refill afterward. Maybe tomorrow. 

Last night we stayed up late talking about old times. Laughing about old jobs and old memories. Bosses I thought I would never live through and situations that now sound like they must have been fictional. Like the time at the bank, when my boss asked me and a co-worker to agree to stealing $40 in order to fix an out of balance drawer. My co-worker agreed to it and I was left to say " I am not OK with this and I am not doing it." with my face purple and my heart racing. This lead to my co-worker being annoyed with me and my boss being terrified of me, thinking I would turn her in. Good times. I am so thankful for those wretched bosses of old. Nothing builds character like working for difficult (understatement of the century) people, and I have certainly worked with some doozies. My last job was the absolute best of my entire "career". I might never have recognized this without those previous experiences. So glad we can laugh at these things now. 

It is a beautiful twilit evening and if I had a lap to balance this laptop on, I would be outside instead of here at the desk. I am so looking forward to fall and being able to spend more time outdoors. I would love to take a walk after dinner every evening and I hope that we can schedule this sort of thing into the girls' lives. Twilight was always my favorite time of day when I was little. It's so quiet and peaceful. 

Today I had the biggest desire to hold little baby B. She was struggling to get comfortable in there and I was talking to her, trying to help her relax and all I wanted to do was hold her and stroke her little head. Surprisingly, this is the first time this urge has been that strong. The first time that holding one of them seemed more than a distant concept. I could almost smell her hair the image was so strong in my mind. Can't believe this is actually happening next week. I can't wait. 


Anonymous said...

Sarah...Now that I'm in the States for a few weeks, I can read your blog. China doesn't like blogs. I can hardly believe that it was just last summer that we were sitting in that little restaurant talking about things you would like to do. Being the mother of twins wasn't one of them...at least at that moment. But I can't think of two better folks than you and Stephen to have that joy. I'm keeping up on you all through Mary. With fond memories and blessings, donna letton

Kristin Schoolfield said...

I'm all about McAlister's sweet tea and humongo baked pototoes too! And I like the cheese dip there :) We will have to go when the girls are able to get out in their double stroller and introduce them to the yumminess that is McAlisters.