Thursday, July 31, 2008


Driving downtown..

Historic scary gingerbread type Victorian home downtown..

We went to see The Dark Knight this afternoon at the local IMAX. O - MY - GOSH .. what a movie. This was my first IMAX experience so that made it that much more exciting. We got there 45 minutes early and there was already a line.. at 2pm on a Thursday.. in Raleigh! Stephen got in line and I sat on the lovely wooden bench and waited. While sitting there I had the distinct pleasure of watching a grandmother walking a new baby girl around the lobby.. cooing to her.. until the sweet pink bundle had a massive blowout all over the linoleum. I tried not to laugh but it was pretty comical and thankfully the grandmother had a good sense of humor about the matter at hand. 

Once he got close to the door I waddled over and took my place in line next to him and in we went. Such a good film. I can't but get a little misty eyed whenever I see Heath Ledger.. still such a sad thing that he passed away. This was definitely his best performance ever. Incredible. I would love to see it again but the next showing may have to be a Netflix at home. I was feeling particularly energetic today but if it wasn't for that extra energy I would never had made it. I sat in the seat with my arms propping me up from behind and my belly thrust out in front. No it was not the most comfortable position but it gave them the most possible room and made it difficult for them to kick me in the bladder or back. It worked! They both were awake during the early part of the film but soon they went to sleep and quieted down. Towards the end, some of the louder explosions woke B up but she was still pretty well behaved despite it all. One day my girls will ask me what I was doing the week before they were born and I will say that I was perched on the edge of my seat watching a Batman movie with their father. 

I was thinking today about how much I would love to have some peonies in the house when the girls come home. I just checked on Google and they are out of season now. Drat. There is really something about pale pink peonies that is just so sweet. They might be my favorite flower. They are so fragrant and soft.. and for some reason they remind me of cupcakes. 

It's really hard to believe that next week this time, I will be in the hospital and there will be two tiny new people in my room with me. Pre-Op visit with "Zim" tomorrow. I have a whole list of questions written down to ask him.. anyone out there have any suggestions? Just in case I have missed one...

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