Sunday, July 27, 2008


Ten days and counting. 

My sweet little baby girls are getting restless. They are just as uncomfortable as I am I think. They keep pushing their little backs against my sides in a coordinated effort to increase the space in there. I almost made it to the church picnic tonight but at the last minute, my belly got as hard as a rock, making it really hard to move so... I stayed home... again :)  The 4 of us (A, B, Ollie and I) napped to the final episodes of LOST Season 3. I did manage a shower today, though it didn't happen until after lunch. Actually still able to shave my legs, which I can't help but be surprised by. This task is made infinitely easier by all the bars and rails that some kind soul installed in our shower. Stephen is plugging away at lesson plans and syllabi, making super headway. I have been watching YouTube videos of C-Sections (both twins births and singletons) and Googling random last minute sort of questions I have like "breastfeeding after C-Section" and "C-Section scar" and the ever present "breastfeeding twins". Attempting to self educate in these areas, you know.. read the good the bad and the ugly to be prepared for all scenarios. That's just my style. 

Stephen and I sit outside every evening now, for a few hours sometimes, soaking in the last bit of sunlight and watching the birds at the feeder. It's very relaxing. Yesterday we witnessed a hawk being chased by two mockingbirds. The hawk took refuge in a tree near our place and the neighborhood exploded in a cacophony of outrage and warning as every bird in the vicinity squawked in alarm. Soon the dogs in nearby apartments joined in and the hawk took off from it's perch and soared over our heads and out of sight with a black bird and a single mockingbird still in hot pursuit. It let out a little cry as it flew overhead. We think it must have robbed a nest or something. Still the whole scene was pretty incredible to behold, particularly since we are in a city setting and not out camping in the woods somewhere. 

The girls are at it again, practicing their infant yoga or something in there... gotta go lay down and see if they will go to sleep so I can. Nitee nite. 


Anonymous said...

Hawks don't rob nests. Mocking birds just don't like Hawks. The Mocking Birds make the same sounds for a Hawk as when as cat gets one of their chicks. So, it gets all the other birds into a frenzy because of that. Mocking Birds are just a bit proactive, I guess.

SMS said...

Thanks for the lesson on birds. Learn something new every day.

Michael Paul said...


Applying Vitamin E oil to your scar will help it fade and heal faster. If you don't like the oiliness of it, they also make Vitamin E lotion, but it is not quite as effective.

We're excited about the babies!

Megan BG

Anonymous said...

I think of you 5 everyday. Of course you love Ollie. Having 2 little girls at once-what love, joy and frustration all at the same time. That is what it is like being parents. You and Stephen will each have one to hold. My prayers are with you. G-Grandma Elsie

Nicole Poko said...

What a beautiful picture of you! We're thinking of you here. Hope you're doing well!