Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Spent the last few hours outside, sitting in our camping chairs, watching bats and listening to the cicadas while snacking on fresh blueberry muffins and a cold glass of milk. If I could choose anywhere to lay my head tonight it would be in one of the old Vineyard cabins with the screens so I could be lulled to sleep by the sounds of the night insects and the dewy breeze rustling the leaves. 

We have been chatting about our life together. Our time in Sarasota and the walks we used to take late at night when the air had cooled. The time spent in Jersey and the friends we made there. The good times... the bad times.. how happy we are that God chose to wait to bless us with children until now. Looking back, we were so unready to become parents.. and He knew that. It's amazing that we are able to say we are ready for this but.. we feel ready. Nervous of course but fully ready and happy that the time has come. Grateful for the incredible life experiences that we have gone through in our 6 1/2 years of marriage. Grateful for the steadfastness of our relationship through thick and thin. The Lord has really been good to us and watched over us in these years. He has guided us to this point and our faith in Him could not be stronger. Anyway, didn't mean to wax so nostalgic and get sappy on everyone but.. it's been a really beautiful evening and I sorta wish we could sleep outside tonight.. in the cabin I mean. Instead I will have to settle for an bed indoors and some Conan episodes on the laptop to lull me into slumber. Nitee nite. 

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